Friday, March 12, 2010

‘Boondock Saints’ Return to Big Screen Ends with Party in Maine..


On March 11, 2010, “The Boondock Saints” movie was shown in theaters across the United States for one night only. Like many, I had never seen the original film on the big screen. Being a huge “Boondock Saints” fan, this was an event I just couldn’t miss!
The 10-year anniversary showing of the film in Maine was held at Regal Cinemas in Brunswick. It was a special honor for us here in Maine to be able to watch the movie with the director, Troy Duffy, and Funny Man David Della Rocco.

This is a movie I have easily seen 50 times. Watching it in a movie theater was like watching it for the first time. There were so many little details that I had never noticed before. I was also impressed that the movie seemed so timeless. Other than Willem Dafoe’s portable CD player, I felt like the movie could have been filmed two years ago and not 10! ... READ MORE

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