Friday, March 5, 2010

The Legacy of Boondock

The Legacy of Boondock:

'Boondock Saints II' director, actors discuss sequel, challenges of filmmaking

By Sean Lehosit

When it comes to cult classics, several movies come to mind. However, if it came to jotting down a list, "The Boondock Saints" would surely be near the top for many movie buffs. "The Boondock Saints" made a humble debut 11 years ago with a theatrical release contractually limited to two cities and for two weeks only. Although, that didn't stop the film from taking movie fans by storm when it hit the shelves at Blockbuster Video in January of 2000 - the word-of-mouth hype quickly drove this independent movie to become one of Blockbuster's highest rented titles. Since then the film has been redistributed several times. With its DVD release in ... READ MORE

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