Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Saints Return…With a Vengeance: An Interview with Norman Reedus, Sean Patrick Flanery, and Their Fans

Ten years ago, director Troy Duffy went from just another LA bartender to Hollywood’s next big thing to sleeping one off on someone else’s floor. His script for The Boondock Saints was hot, attracting the backing of the Weinsteins with names like Ewan McGregor and Stephen Dorff up for parts. Then, depending on who you hear the story from (former friends, emphasis on the “former”, chronicle their take in the 2003 documentary Overnight), Duffy pissed a lot of people off and Columbine happened; nobody wanted anything to do with his stylized and glorified vigilante movie anymore. It was probably a bit of both. Still, Duffy kept at it, managing a practically-straight-to-video release from Franchise Pictures (excepting a brief five screen release rumored to be paid out of his own pocket).

Critics panned it across the board… READ MORE

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