Tuesday, April 20, 2010

TheTrades: DVD Review: The Boondock Saints II...

To coin a phrase, "The Boondock Saints" took the world by drizzle in 1999. The storm would come later. It was initially released to only a handful of theaters do to the Columbine shootings. It's a shame that such a fun film got locked away and killed (so to speak) due to some bizarre connection an overly cautious executive made between a violent movie and a violent real-life incident, even though violence was the only common denominator. Fortunately, the DVD caught on by word of mouth and has become a best-selling cult classic. That's how I discovered it, perusing the racks at my local video store for a fun film to watch on a boring-but-required overnight shift at a previous job. I had several hours of downtime and would bring movies to pass the time. I saw Norman Reedus and Sean Patrick Flanery on the cover, looking grim and cool. I recognized Flanery from "Suicide Kings," but I must admit I... READ MORE

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