Saturday, December 12, 2009

Coming Soon's interview with Troy Duffy and the Boondock Saints

"I'm coming soon... I'm coming soon... don't move, don't move... Oh my God, you moved! Ahhh Ahhh!"

Yes, this interview begins with a rather adolescent take on our site's good name, and it ends with a laugh, so you know you're dealing with a filmmaker who knows how to have a good time.

That filmmaker is Troy Duffy, who became a household name in Tinseltown when Miramax paid the Boston bartender $450,000 to write and direct his debut film with a budget of $15 million dollars, making him the kind of rags-to-riches success story the media revels in. That was 1997. Two years later, the film had been completed for less than half that budget and without the participation of Miramax, who had pulled out due to creative conflicts with Duffy. The independent distributor who purchased the movie The Boondock Saints barely released it in theaters and it marched solemnly to the direct-to-video graveyard.

Typically, this is where the Wikipedia entry ends, possibly with addendums like "Troy Duffy has not been interviewed since 1999, and currently works as a bartender in Boston."

However, The Boondock Saints, like its main characters, was not a movie that simply lays down and dies and its director has not gone gentle into that good night. When "Saints" was... READ MORE

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