Sunday, December 13, 2009

VIDEO: Boondock Saints 2 makes its Maine premiere

VIDEO: Boondock Saints 2 makes its Maine premiere...

WESTBROOK (NEWS CENTER) -- Ten years ago, a young screenwriter from Maine penned a movie that became an instant indi-cult classic, Boondock Saints. Now, director Troy Duffy is bringing back the McManus brothers for another go.

"Boondock Saints 2: All Saints Day" made its Maine premiere on Monday night at the Westbrook Cinemagic. Hundreds of Boondock fans turned out to see the McManus brothers exact a little revenge on the Boston Mafia after the mob killed the brothers' priest.

On hand for the showing, was the movie's director, as well as a few of the stars, including Maine comedian Bob Marley, who brings back Detective Greenly, a wise-cracking cop. Governor John Baldacci was there too, declaring Monday "Bob Marley Day."

The path to making "Boondock Saints 2" was a long one for Duffy. He lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in the making of the original Boondock Saints, even though the film made more than 50 million dollars. Admittedly, Duffy says he was just a kid making a movie. Making the sequel was fulfilling because during filming he had all his focus on the fans.

"The first time we didn't have the fan base, we were just a bunch of kids running the asylum," said Duffy. "This time we had the fan base looming over that set. The Boondock fan bases isn't like any other."

Boondock Saints 2: All Saints Day will open up across the state on Friday. The cast of the movie included Peter Fonda, Billy Connelly, and Maine-native, Judd Nelson.


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