Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Boondock II is scheduled for wider release next week and even further the week after. Hopefully it gets to all of you. But the fans are fueling this thing. You're in control. As long as you guys keep showing up to the theaters it is presently in, it will spread like a virus. To the fans that "have" and "are currently" showing up, thanks. The fate of the rest of the flock is in your hands!

At this point with all the fan screenings I have attended with various cast members I have gotten to see this thing with about 3,000 fans, all in. Reactions have been off the charts. Personally, I'm a VERY proud Pappa. Victory is ours!

I know this does little to satisfy those of you who want to see it now and can't but patience, Grasshopper, patience...T.Duff

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