Friday, November 27, 2009

ENVY interview with Troy Duffy and Norman Reedus

Back in 1999, first time director Troy Duffy brought the world Boondock Saints, a little movie about Irish-American fraternal twins who take it upon themselves to rid Boston of evil mafia gang members, all the while being pursued by the FBI. The film, which was an underground success through word-of-mouth, became an almost instant cult classic. Now, 10 years after the original release of the film, Boondock Saints gets its long awaited sequel. Even though Duffy has only directed two films, Boondock Saints and Boondock Saints II, both are two of the most cinematically perfect action films of its time.

ENVY had a chance to sit down with Duffy and Norman Reedus, who plays fraternal twin Murphy McManus, to talk about the film, the soundtrack and its die-hard fans... READ MORE

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