Friday, November 13, 2009

Troy Duffy - Eye Weekly

Who is he?

If things had gone differently, Troy Duffy would require no introduction. In 1997, Miramax honcho Harvey Weinstein offered the then-twentysomething bartender and aspiring writer/director millions to turn The Boondock Saints, his screenplay for a hard-boiled Boston-Irish crime flick, into a blockbuster. The movie got made, but not before the Miramax deal fell through and Duffy’s Hollywood fantasy, which included a major record deal for his band (also called The Boondock Saints), began to collapse under the weight of the director’s ego, bravado and questionable conduct. The Boondock Saints opened on five screens in 1999 and grossed next to nothing, the band’s album flopped, and it looked as though Duffy would be better known for Overnight, the 2003 documentary tracing his almost-rise and subsequent fall, than for the movie that was supposed to make him a star.

It took the DVD market and the posthumous success of The Boondock Saints as a cult hit to provide... READ MORE

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